I am an Italian photographer and architect.

I was born in Padua, Italy, and I consider myself primarily as a travel addicted.
Even if with three different architecture degrees, my curiosity always shifted between many disciplines. During my studies the passion for photography became an expressive need and a way to discover, explore and understand. I have been evolving my personal vision towards contemporary issues, combining social aspects and physical space in a consistent photographic practice. I soon started collaborating with specialized magazines, or with architects portraying their works. Each year I'm in charge of photographing several pavilions and expositions during the Venice Art and Architecture Biennale. At the same time, I am always looking for new personal projects to get involved with.

I strongly believe that photography gives us a great chance to produce knowledge and understand the complexity of today’s world, while at the same time better understanding others and ourselves.
Photographs can portray our reality in numerous different aspects. The act of photographing is self-illuminating as well as insightful in terms of seeing and understanding great or minor details of our environment, which differs from one location to another, yet it is universally understood by all.