I am an independent Italian photographer and videographer, graduated in Architecture with two Master degrees. I work mainly between Europe, West Africa and the Middle East focusing on social reportage and architectural photography.
I have always been particularly attracted to contemporary topics in both the social and urban fields, and I try to combine them in the different photographic projects I work on. I am fascinated by exploring the connection between human existence and built space, while at the same time showing aspects of transience, revealing the different ways in which individuals, communities and societies interact with the physical space in which they live.
In addition to my long-term projects, I collaborate as a freelancer with the photographic agency Redux Pictures, which helps my images to reach a wider audience, both in national and international publications.
Although my studies in architecture have certainly influenced the way I compose, I always prefer to be immersed in the dynamism of the events, in order to capture significant moments that would otherwise be lost.

In 2019 I have published my first photographic book (Crowdbooks) from the reportage No promised land, that shows for the first time the living conditions in the reception facilities for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Italy.
In 2021, my project titled Zaïm was awarded second place at the Sony World Photography Awards in the landscape category.

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