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No promised land – Photobook


No promised land is a year-long reportage that shows, for the first time, the unknown reality of the reception system for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Italy


” In 2016, the number of people who left Italy was notably higher than the number of migrants arrived on its coasts. About 285,000 Italians packed up and went abroad in search of better opportunities; this number exceeds at least of 100,000 units the number of migrants who came to Italy during the same period of time.

No promised land is a photographic project where each building is a chapter of a story reproducing the unknown reality of the “reception system” for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in a key region of northern Italy. “


The publication is enriched by the introductions of:

– Riccardo Bononi _ Visual anthropologist / Art Director of IMP – International Month of Photojournalism / President of IRFOSS Research Institute

– Irene Masala _ Journalist

– Enrico Dalla Pietà _ Architect / President of Architects Without Borders Veneto






Width: 29,7cm

Height: 21cm

Pages: 128

Cover: Soft cover

Languages: Italian, English