Dove soffia l’Harmattan | Senegal 2022


The north of Senegal, which includes the regions of Saint Louis and Fouta-Toro, is an area particularly exposed to climate change. Progressive desertification is a constant threat that puts a strain on the population, already used to dealing with difficult life conditions.Shorter rainy seasons and more intense rainfall, together with increased anthropic pressure on an area already scarce in resources, are leading to progressive desertification.

As soon as one moves away from the banks of the Senegal River, which marks the border with Mauritania, the land becomes dryer and sterile, and finding water becomes for many the first of the worries, but not the only one. This area is in fact part of the Sahel, a climatic transition zone between the Sahara desert belt and the savannah. The difficulties of living are pushing more and more people to migrate elsewhere, and many hope to reach Europe.

Senegal, 2022