2016 / 2017

Nowadays we are used to see images about migrants through the media. They all look quite the same and are often treated barely like numbers. Refusing representations and commonplaces based on pain and misery, No promised land aims to give back a story and a face to those numbers, by witnessing an otherwise invisible aspect of the events related to modern migrations. It is something very different from what we are used to see.

Carried out in Veneto, a key region in the northern Italy, this project aims to show for the first time the close connection between physical space and daily life in the reception structures, as well as between architecture and migrations. It is a photographic project that, through a large number of facilities, creates a visual narrative in which each building is a chapter of a story reproducing the unknown reality of the "reception system" for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Along this photographic narration we come into contact with stories and places very different from one another, but often very similar and representative of an important historical moment. In order to be exhaustive, the work started exploring some cases where reception failed or had never happened at all, passing then through the ordinary reception phases up to social housing cases, which have to be considered as an important step towards a possible future integration.